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For a large assortment of dollies, try Choose an equipment dolly for light loads of equipment. Also available are machine deck dollies for transporting loads on l-beams of up to 20 tons. And when you need heavy duty rollers, try using a set of urethane or rotating dollies. Whatever dolly you choose, it is available at

The majority of the time handles come standard with an equipment dolly. There is also the possibility of the equipment dolly having the ability to remove handles and have an alternate handle attached to the equipment dolly, depending on the job.

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An equipment dolly is able to bear hefty loads of equipment. The equipment dolly is built to handle moving equipment weighing as low as 6 tons to moving equipment weighing over 120 tons. A typical equipment dolly is low to the ground. This characteristic makes it easy for an equipment dolly to lift loads with low clearance levels. The handles on the equipment dolly is used to make steering the equipment dolly a less demanding task. A handle on an equipment dolly may be a linear handle or may come in the form of pulling bar.

A pulling bar for an equipment dolly allows the equipment dolly to be both steered and towed. The push-pull force created with the equipment dolly requires less physical work by the operator. Another type of equipment dolly may come with an adjustable-width connecting bar. This type of equipment dolly connects one equipment dolly to another equipment dolly. The bar's ability to adjust is able to permit directional alignment for the equipment dolly. An equipment dolly may come with one connecting bar or an equipment dolly may come with two connect bars. One connecting bar is used for smaller loads while two bars are used with an equipment dolly that has the capacity to carry much larger loads. Both, the steerable equipment dolly and the adjustable-width equipment dolly, have some form of stationary loading platform. Typically the platform on the equipment dolly is combination of steel with rubber. This type of loading pad for the equipment dolly is also anti-slip. The loading platform can also be able to rotate on the equipment dolly. These rotating loading platforms on the equipment dolly are normally supported by thrust bearing.

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